Ultimate Deoxy

Hey guys, this code for deoxy is so awesome that it is the pokemon version of kratos. seriously you will be shitting bricks when you use this deoxy in battle. oh yeah as usual before you might start to wonder what moves it has well i will give a hint as usual.
deoxy has it's signature move as usual and it has the most powerful fire move and a uber cool status move (hint: this move is used to exchange your lowered stat with your enemy pokemon and also this is the signature move of a legendary water pokemon. ). check it out. 
Press SELECT to activate and this code replaces the 1st slot of party

Action Replay Code

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0019728 00000088
81441935 D2540000
298340E5 A00EBE1E
27432C70 9FB1255E
55F7A567 79190620
1B9A6DB5 B0BB716C
F2073266 FEF35437
C9B0006D 5BF7391E
68770C91 4859907E
4D6D864B 951A070A
BDB723F6 525E8BE2
0C5CF93D 86DC637F
220D2103 818E2EBE
A678F5E8 C2DA70CF
A3927F68 964AC6FA
FBFDD4C0 08440865
E00197B0 00000054
0320BDAB 6CF988FB
1B2F03E4 01519939
5AAD42ED BB174680
E1947BBA 49C238EB
4D1C5178 F705292C
542DD24A 4D1C0834
27A783EB E0F8AC09
CAB91A56 9594BD71
BC0EC113 A85A541D
139C25AB 00000000
D2000000 00000000