Top 50 Generation 5 Pokemon Action Replay Code

Hey guys, This is my Fourth eBook ever written by me. There are 50 codes in this eBook. All codes are tested and screenshots are provided to show that these codes are working. so if you are wondering what Pokemon have i made or will this eBook worth your money? then do not worry i am the one who made all this codes and most of the codes are tough to make and really took a lot of my time to make. anyway coming to the point, here is a sneak preview of my eBook. If you are wondering if this eBook will be expensive or will you get this eBook instantly ? Well this eBook cost $5.50 and this eBook is instantly downloaded into your PC as soon as you made the payment. so what are you waiting for ?
BTW, i managed to make Black Kyurem and White Kyurem along with both forms of Meloetta.

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  1. This is soooo damn awesome!

    If the legendaries were legendary (tautology, I know), you just made them godly!