Jynx Action Replay Code

Hey guys , i hope you remember the best ice pokemon 
from generation 1 which was a dragon killer in pokemon RED/ BLUE/ CRYSTAL versions. 
any way i made this Jynx to be a really cool but many people think pokemon game is all about powerful dragon pokemons and legendary pokemons and awesome
pokemons such as Jynx is long forgotten as there are many alternate ice pokemon so just give a try with this jynx and you will not regret. BTW, blizzard hits all the time as snow warning ability increases the accuracy of blizzard to 100%

Press Select to activate n occupies party 1st slot

Action Replay Code

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0019728 00000088
52404C25 E5270000
04636921 44584107
440FB972 89417DD7
42F0E53D 14AEF637
E585BC48 8EEB72A6
A6D27ACB C2892152
934F28D2 B1FC4B83
117EA957 FF5A1895
6B7FC993 89863093
FC383C9A 1897675D
1A98EBAC DC9F6770
A11603EF B7AFAB10
F06C24E0 30F6CB38
C7E2FB6B 11555A19
190E74EF 72CA85B9
80160F2E 1282C08D
E00197B0 00000054
8D15E632 BC975FE2
AC06174E AB6D4E66
6E907507 AABA0C57
68AB7E21 9069E421
73E3372C 6262A845
62FF072D 6C10A63E
967131D0 37100181
462F9413 5B28BABE
94C98728 5978E765
010AAEC5 00000000
D2000000 00000000


  1. my favorite team by far from gold was tyranitar crobat and lanturn they were the best team i had unbeatable in battle tower

    1. yeah... i forgot about lanturn... anyway ill make a lanturn soon...