My Mile Stone Achievement

Hey guys,

After a long period of 5 months, my blog rank which was intially at 25,800,631 at Alexa.
after i signed up with MillionKlicks a few weeks ago, now my blog rank is 6,563,874 at Alexa.
Can you actually see how much i have increased my rank !
My blog has increased nearly 19 million ranks and though i have not yet ranked my page but,
I really feel like i have accomplished something big.

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It is another useful investment. anyway here is the traffic source of my blog from Google Analytics.
click to see for your self (click to expand the images)

Traffic stats for before applying with MillionKlicks.Com
(21st March to 22nd April)

Traffic Stats for after applying with
(22nd April to 22nd May)

If you can see both the pictures, you can notice a large number of visitors coming to this blog every month. so what are you waiting for ?