Pokemon Revamped

Hey guys, 

i wrote an eBook "Pokemon Revamped". 
It is a consolidation of my first 2 eBooks "Top 50 Action Replay Code" and "Top 50 Generation 5 Action Replay Code". I also made a sample eBook which is a FREE DOWNLOAD which has a total of 6 Pokemon codes including a  Bonus Pokemon  The main reason i made this sample book is for everyone to know what kinda of stuff they are buying and will it be worth their money and time.

If you are admire my work, then you should definitely buy my eBook. The least you can do is download my sample eBook which is totally free and consist of several hardcore Pokemon codes. To download the sample eBooks as well as my master piece, click the following link.


  1. Nice touch with the sample ebook, I'll see if I can buy it.

    1. ok dude.. all the best... try the sample eBook which can be downloaded for free before you buy my eBook... just to make sure if your money and time worth it...