Politoed Action Replay Code

Hey guys. another cute Pokemon is added to my collection.
i have made it's ability as drizzle as drizzle is awesome for water Pokemon.
weather ball gets a massive power of 150 for the weather effect as well as STAB.
hurricane never misses on rainy weather. 
just make sure that politoed never goes against strong electric Pokemon as 
thunder move is unavoidable in a rainy weather.
anyway for safety purpose i have included ice beam and earth power.
so as usual, press SELECT to activate the code,
the activated code replaces the 1st slot of the party.

save your game before activating the code.
please remember that using too many codes will crash your game.
use one code at a time.

Action Replay Code
94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0019728 00000088
E5D8FBB8 48C10000
639C5DA7 79CD8E75
84B99F3A 87E1B151
11D9A40B 1EEB38BD
6261AEDA 871FDBE8
886449D8 6998A3C7
A191EB81 4F0B00CE
C344FD36 C1395D09
4CF60ACB 00AB7081
05627FB0 F23B3D04
84F39BEC 3C0A914F
507DF232 AAA81258
853303E8 C1D1B114
C5977CB1 CE723668
1C796761 59529462
E00197B0 00000054
715A6265 1044168F
2A839077 21F60BB0
18F4B540 AEF238CA
55C83691 056000A7
419FC57A 5C361104
2F609B41 40CD76A5
7410A2A3 063A7987
089A362C 06B03558
83D26FC7 97224529
B0B7DD98 00000000
D2000000 00000000

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  1. omg finally ive waited for this one forever
    thanks man