Ultimate Charizard (Non-Shiny)

hey guys you are gonna love my creation especially this code. wondering what is so special about this code ? Well first of all this is a charizard and 2nd of all this is a godly version of all charizards i ever created. well it has 3 signature moves of 2 epic powerful pokemon (hint : the DNA pokemon, the hero of Soul Silver).
Well the 3rd move is a powerful Dragon type move and the 4th move is a uber fire type move. This code gives a NON-SHINY VERSION OF CHARIZARD.
BTW press SELECT to activate the code and the code replaces the 1stslot of the party. this codes work for both black 2 and white 2
For shiny verison of charizard press here the Charizard 

Action Replay Code

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0019728 00000088
CC062047 D67D0000
DF9FE320 D9672BF4
86976E0C 5FC50C54
98F2D185 510DE671
054A93F3 CC6D717B
E4186A31 F5779E82
A223C9F9 7F027916
019C1527 AC64B767
9623DA14 97CD3A4A
4B0E1E20 5DBD0E96
769B3068 1A16D29B
420D9E20 F539FB06
A9CE2D4F B1970B52
0ACD7C85 62D18B88
DFF3049B 5503EC04
C9516403 55F194D1
88279F73 B07F9602
E00197B0 00000054
825ABA5B 8BCB5524
ABB85E7F 51095409
2F1562B5 E424E00E
C019FD20 AEC5A181
BDD295A3 7A7CB679
CAEA6830 C037F429
79727E9B 5D17DA87
FDD146E3 C0871E2C
C9E3C53B B96A4E0F
262E300B 00000000
D2000000 00000000

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