Ultimate Charizard (SHINY)

hey guys you are gonna love my creation especially this code. wondering what is so special about this code ? Well first of all this is a charizard and 2nd of all this is a godly version of all charizards i ever created. well it has 3 signature moves of 2 epic powerful pokemon (hint : the DNA pokemon, the hero of Soul Silver).
Well the 3rd move is a powerful Dragon type move and the 4th move is a uber fire type move. This code gives a SHINY VERSION OF CHARIZARD.
BTW press SELECT to activate the code and the code replaces the 1stslot of the party. this codes work for both black 2 and white 2
For non shiny verison of charizard press here the Charizard (below)
Action Replay Code

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
E0019728 00000088
347E2A1E D6D00000
FAC736EC 0542D438
3724D3D9 C4D45E1E
12BFFF90 39A65A78
6FB86A39 BF338CA6
7F37B208 778030B3
905A982C D46D380B
F876D43C EC3220CA
BA5B7636 98B78FBD
2D4C9822 1269CCA9
AFD14A04 728270A4
F329930B 14ECD911
1F0BB446 BC7D85FB
DCA222BB 145C332E
829E1B6B F2A146D1
E00197B0 00000054
B98FFBC1 25A7A738
BD9D9305 B0B2801D
F777EE57 52CB833E
0186BCC2 68ABA397
6F01511C 37651413
4C1215B4 BD646A31
409DC2E7 8FAF55D6
391C4D17 476B0261
B9C2BDE3 43A374FC
3FE36C97 C34B7C34
559249E6 00000000
D2000000 00000000


  1. Tis code doesn't give a male charizard? i tried many times but it keeps come out as female's.

    1. this code gives a female charizard coz this charizard is meant for breeding and inheriting moves...

  2. Does this work on black and white 1?`

  3. Does this work on black and white 1?`